Municipal Elections

Municipal Elections

Aryeh Alex for Trustee

Not all heroes wear capes, and not all progressive champions run for national office. Many candidates seek to improve our cities and neighborhoods by running for local office. Aryeh Alex is one of these champions.

Aryeh Alex first looked around his community and saw an opportunity to improve the lives of those around him. Then he reached out to JM2. His race was unique because it required targeting and the creation of a mail plan that maximized impact on a small number of voters in Franklin Township. Despite racial mudslinging from his opponents, on election night, Aryeh emerged as the top vote-getter, forever changing history for his community.

Nick Komives for Toledo City Council

First-time candidate Nick Komives was elected to Toledo City Council with 20,470 votes. This number far surpassed the necessary number of votes to earn his seat. As Toledo’s first openly gay member of the council, Nick did more than just win a seat on the council — he changed history.

JM2 worked with the Komives campaign during both the primary and general election. During these separate and distinctly different elections, JM2 provided targeting and engaged in a mail program that put forth mail that was reflective of the candidate. These pieces identified the diverse coalition of people and organizations that were excited about the Komives campaign and amplified these sentiments in mailboxes across the city of Toledo.