Ohio Environmental Council (OEC)

The OEC is the leading voice for political action on environmental initiatives across the state. The organization advocates for environmentally responsible policies and runs campaigns of all sizes in every corner of the state.

In 2018, the OEC embarked on a public awareness campaign to demonstrate the benefits of wind energy to voters in the northern part of the state. Ohio is primed to seize opportunities in renewable energy, but too many Republicans in the statehouse fight to limit these reforms. The OEC chose JM2 as a partner on the campaign because of our environmentally conscious printing practices and our dedication to understanding the issues to create the most compelling narrative for voters.

Service Employees International Union (SEIU)

SEIU Local 1199 represents nurses, home healthcare workers, and custodial workers from West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio. When they communicate with their members or promote workers’ causes, they come to JM2.

In 2018 the nation was rocked by the Supreme Court’s Janus decision. Workers’ rights to bargain on behalf of living wages and safe working conditions had been protected for decades, but the Janus decision changed all this. To ensure their members knew how to combat the ramifications of this disastrous decision, SEIU 1199, with help from JM2, decided to talk to its members about the importance of their union.