State Legislative

State Legislative

State Representative Mary Lightbody

JM2 was fortunate to have a candidate who had such a strong connection to the most significant political issue of 2018. Since “healthcare was on the ballot” in 2018, JM2 spoke with Mary Lightbody about highlighting her family’s personal experience with healthcare. Using her story as the basis for her communications program, Mary encouraged JM2 to tell her family’s story in a unique and engaging mail program.

The “30 Years” mailer, along with her robust mail program, was integral to Mary Lightbody’s victory on Election Day.

State Senator Cecil Thomas

Senator Cecil Thomas’s career in law enforcement gave him firsthand experience with in issues that mattered to the people of his community. Gun violence plagues his district, so Sen. Thomas used his lived experience with guns to identify solutions. He fought for commonsense gun safety at the Ohio Statehouse, including leading the fight to ban bump stock sales in Ohio.

When Sen. Thomas drew a legitimate primary challenger, the campaign quickly assembled a team, and JM2 was the first consultant to join this team. With the help of unique and engaging mail, Sen. Thomas won reelection with over 70 percent of the vote.